Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Official name

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Date of independence

April 6, 1992


51,129 km2

Administrative-territorial organisation

Two Entities - the Federation of BiH (51%), the Republic of Srpska (49%)

Neighbouring countries

Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro


21 km2


Mediterranean (maritime) climate in the southeast, continental mountain (Alps) climate in the central part, moderate continental (Central European) climate in the north


3,842,942 (2007 estimate)

Density of population



43% urban population, 57% rural population (2007 estimate)

Population profile

Bosniak 44%, Serb 31%, Croat 17%, other 8% (2007 estimate)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) millions of KM

21,641 (2007)

Gross domestic product per capita (GDP/C) in KM

5,633 (2007)


Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian


Convertible Mark (KM)

1 EUR = KM 1.96 (fixed exchange rate)

About Bosnia and Herzegovina                   Watch Video "Welcome to Bosnia"

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. You are, however, more than likely not to know this yet! Here are the reasons why we think this is.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina has some of the finest untouched nature in Europe, including the last remaining rain forest, Perucica, and the only place in Europe where two rivers, Vrbas and Pliva, merge over a a beutiful waterfall.

  • Bosnia is one of the finest fishing spots in the world, with European fly fishing championship taking place in the country in 2010.

  • Bosnia was the place where World Rafting Championship was held in 2009 with over 20 countries from around the world taking place in the competitions. Bosnia is one of the finest rafting destinations in the world.

  • Bosnian nature hides many natural beauties from the wildlife and plant life. Bosnia is one of the rare places where a wild bear can be seen freely roaming around the forest.

  • Bird life is numerous, while hawks, eagles and stalks can be seen regularly around the country. 

  • Mounteneering and hiking are big past times in Bosnia with hundreds of miles of extraordinary hiking terrains available around the mountains of Prenj, Vranica and Vlasic and many many more.

  • Bosnian traditions go back to 11 centuries back, leaving remains of numerous empires which have ruled over the country, but arguably never ruled the country.

  • Bosnian music, Sevdah, is arguably the most beutiful folk sound in the world, with a repertoire of over 500 Sevdalinka which can be heard performed live in numerous festivals around towns of Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla, Banjaluka and Bihac.

  • Sarajevo Film Festival has become one of the most important European Film Festivals, with Bosnian directors regualrly winning Oscars and Golden Bears around Europe and the world.

  • Bosnian food is incredible, with all organic ingredients at fraction of the price one might pay in London, New York or Paris.

  • Bosnian women are the most beutiful in the world, with the last Miss World competition having three contenders who originated from Bosnia: Miss Bosnia, Miss Serbia and Miss Canada. Today, one of the contenders for Miss Amerika is also originally from Bosnia.

  • Bosnian musicians also regularly feature high in the European music competitions, with Eurovision being an obvious choice to write about, but also, in more niche circles, with artists like Emir Hot, winner of Guitar Idol 2006 in UK, and Sanel Redzic, number one classical guitar player in under 16 competitions in Europe.

  • Bosnia is no longer a war torn country, but a country which you need to visit right now!