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 National Aquaculture Sector Overview Bosnia and Herzegovina by FAO


 FAO Country Profiles of Bosnia and Herzegovina-Fishery Sector


 FAO Fishery project: Establishment of a Fish Hatchery in Bosnia and Herzegovina 




The coastline of BiH measures only 21 km and the country has no sea fishing fleet. Thus fish production consists mainly of trout and carp. Sea fish production is very limited. There are over 40 registered freshwater fish farms operating in BiH and 2 producing saltwater fish and shells. Additionally, there are estimated 40-50 very small, unregistered fish farms. The existing fish farms are being used within around 60% of their capacity. Production increased significantly in the last years. Fishery production in BiH was approximately 4,000 t in 2005, a significant increase compared to 2004 but still slightly less than in 2002.

"Norfish" in Blagaj and "Tropic" in Banja Luka are the only two companies having capacities for fish processing. Fish processing includes removal of bones and internal organs, and quick freezing of the whole fish. Only about 20% of the capacity is used due to limited access to foreign markets (esp. to the EU).


  • December 5, 2009 - Opening of the Krusnica Fish Hatchery

    Nedžad Ajanović of the FAO contacted BTRG two weeks ago and invited us to the opening of the Krušnica fish hatchery (description of the project). The project is founded by the Kingdom of Norway, represented at the opening by ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Jan Braathu.

    Saša and Andrej represented our group, another geneticist - Belma Kalamujić came from the Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB), Sarajevo. We have all done a lot of work in population genetics of salmonid fish in the area and we used the opportunity to discuss our paper in the making, see the state-of-the-art hatchery and meet representatives of the local fishermen association. We hope that our visit will result in new research projects.



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