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  • December 5, 2009 - Opening of the Krusnica Fish Hatchery

Nedžad Ajanović of the FAO contacted BTRG two weeks ago and invited us to the opening of the Krušnica fish hatchery (description of the project). The project is founded by the Kingdom of Norway, represented at the opening by ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Jan Braathu.

Saša and Andrej represented our group, another geneticist - Belma Kalamujić came from the Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (INGEB), Sarajevo. We have all done a lot of work in population genetics of salmonid fish in the area and we used the opportunity to discuss our paper in the making, see the state-of-the-art hatchery and meet representatives of the local fishermen association. We hope that our visit will result in new research projects. 



  • 8th Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop, 27th April - 2nd May  

The aim of the scientific workshop is to open a forum for the discussion of research results related to biotic and abiotic stress induced by anthropogenic and environmental stressors in the field of agri-environment. The workshop will be organized in oral and poster sessions in two consecutive discussion series, roundtables, supported by a permanent poster display. More  


  • The CORINE Land Cover 2006 Project successfully completed

The main objective of the CORINE Land Cover 2006 Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina was to provide the land cover map for the year 2006 and the information on land cover changes during the period 2000-2006. The project organization and management was carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science, University of Sarajevo, which was a project’s sub-contractor. Land Cover in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been characterized by 33 out of 44 classes of the CORINE Land Cover nomenclature. The analysis of land cover database shows that more then 61.04% of the surface of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered by forest and natural vegetation, while about 36.69% is occupied by agriculture. Land classified as artificial areas occupied about 1.48%, while about 0.77% is classified as wetlands or water.


For further information please contact:
prof. dr Hamid Custovic - Team leader
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science
Address: Zmaja od Bosne 8, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Phone: +387 61 77 52 11
Fax: +387 33 66 74 29


Symposium and FAIR's

News & Highlights in CEE Region

Outcome of the 3rd Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture from South Eastern Europe within the 9th Agriculture Policy Forum 2009

  • Expert meeting on the development of the BiH AgroWeb portal, 19-20 of May 2009

Related to the development of the BiH AgroWeb portal, in particular for the development of the specialized thematic knowledge networks in the field of fishery and aquaculture and in order to improve the technical capacities of the author and interested people for the development of the portal a two days expert meeting was organized by Mr. Demes, Information and Knowledge Management Officer.

The meeting was held on 19-20 of May 2009 at the Regional office for Europe and Central Asia in Budapest.

On the first day of the meeting, Mr. Demes gave an introduction about AgroWeb networks describing the main objectives of this network. After an introductory speech, the participants expressed their opinion, wishes and expectations regarding the BiH AgroWeb portal. Mr. Kovac gave a short training to Ms. Ljuša and Mr. Šertović related to the use of Typo3 Content Management System. During this training, the key functions as well as transfer of data were presented. Some practical work was performed as well.

After the training, there was an extensive discussion about improvement of the fisheries and aquaculture portal. The focus of the discussion was the integration of outputs of the Hatchery Project in Bosanska Krupa and its promotion. The portal could also serve as an excellent opportunity for the promotion of resources and potential of fishery and tourism development in Bosanska Krupa.


Participants of the training:

Michal Demes, Information and Knowledge Management Officer

Thomas MothPoulsen, Fishery Officer

Marcel Kovac, Web Editor

Nedžad Ajanović, BiH AgroWeb Advisor

Zlatan Šertović, Technical support and Web Editor for BiH AgroWeb