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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Kosovo Forest Agency  



Policy and Strategy on Forestry Sector Development in Kosovo 2010 - 2020 



FAO has been active in Kosovo since the war ended. During the early years, activities were focused on solving the most acute problems related to the food security. As society changes, the support has come to focus on supporting and developing the institutions and actors involved in food security, rural development, forestry, legal aspects, etc. 
In forestry FAO has played a leading role in the development of sustainable forestry practices. FAO support for forestry began already in 1999 and has since then come to include a fairly comprehensive technical support to the sector.
FAO has successfully implemented several forestry projects in Kosovo in last ten year period. These projects have been financed by different European donor countries, and were related to the Institutional Building, National Forest Inventory, Forest Policies and Strategies. During this presence in Kosovo, FAO, through its experts, has established a very good cooperation and communication with the staff and experts of the receipt government and representatives of the donor countries. FAO has shown and always keeps high professionalism and neutrality during the implementation of project activities.

Current FAO activities

Support to Implementation of the Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo

Previous activities

1999 – 2001: Support for enabling the Forest Sector to handle the most urgent problems (logistic support, nursery development, setting up of institutional structures and training);
2002 – 2004: Institutional support including development of forest legislation, sector planning, forest inventories and training;
2005 – 2006: Support in implementing Forest Sector Programs (support to the private sector, legislation on hunting, law enforcement, principles for privatization, organization of training and education);
2006 – 2008: Technical support to key areas as tending of young forest, law enforcement, forest protection and forest planning.