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Apricot orchards established by FAO Armenia

Category: Home news BY: LPAPOCSI Food and Agriculture Organizations “Apricot Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization” project in cooperation with RA Ministry of Agriculture organized the commencement ceremony of establishment of apricot collection orchard. FAO is supporting Armenia to establish Armenian apricot collection orchards aiming at apricot genetic resources conservation and future utilization. The RA Ministry of Agriculture has allocated 5ha land in the area pertaining to “Scientific Center for Farming” SNCO. Mr Hovik Hovhannisyan, the lead consultant of the project, identified 82 varieties of apricots and selected these for conservation in the orchard. - See more at: www.un.am/en/news/24    

The event was attended by: RA Minister of Agriculture H.E. Sergo Karapetyan, Deputy Ministers S. Galstyan, R.Makaryan, G.Petrosyan.

The UN FAO was represented by: Assistant FAO Representative in Armenia Gayane Nasoyan, and Mr Hovik Hovhannisyan.

RA Minister of Agriculture H.E. Sergo Karapetyan presented the importance of the project for the agriculture of Armenia. He mentioned that besides collecting and conserving the apricots genetic resources the project implementation will foster and strengthen the sustainable basis of the fruit production in the country.    

The Minister also emphasized that the collection orchard will be open to all scientists, researchers, as well as producers. Application of new agricultural technology will be widely presented in demonstration orchards, and trainings will be organized for farmers.

“Finally the production of our national pride - apricot, will be set on strong grounds, increasing the farmers\' incomes, and will also create sustainable bases for the implementation of future selection activities”, mentioned the Minister.

It is proposed to include the collection orchard in the list of state protected areas of Armenia.

- See more at: www.un.am/en/news/24

Links: www.fao.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Europe/documents/docs/Arm_apricot.pdf