Albania is bordered with two seas, Adriatic and Ion Sea and has a coastline of 427 km. In Albanian territory are 4 big natural lakes, Shkodra Lake, the biggest one in Balkan, Ohrid Lake, Great and Little Prespa Lake. Also, there are an important number of artificial lakes and reservoirs that are creations on lately 60 years. More important are the hydropower lakes on the river Drin cascade and about 570 agriculture reservoirs dispersed in all country. Albania has also a number of lagoons with a total surface of 10.000 ha. The more important lagoons are Karavasta lagoon with a surface of 3.900 ha, Narta lagoon with a surface of 2.800 ha and Butrinti lagoon with a surface of 1.600 ha. A considerable number of river transverse Albania from east to west characterized from clean waters. Here we can mentions the Drini Rivers, Buna, Vjosa, Shkumbini, Semani and Bistrica River etc. The big diversity of damp environments and water property makes fishing one important reality of development and working possibility.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Fishery Directorate are the administrative body of the fishery sector. Fishery Directorate is organized in two sectors; Fishery Resource and Fishery Inspectorate sector. This last has his local representatives in 14 main districts. Fishery Inspectorate is responsible for the fish law application control and local rapresentants of Fishery Directorate.
Albania is member and participates actively in the number of projects and Fishery Regional Organizations. She is the member of GFCM (General Fishery Council for Mediterranean), of FAO, assists in intergovernmental organization of EUROFISH (International Organization of Fishery Development in East and Central European Country) as sequel of EASTFISH and in the number of international projects in fishery field such ADRIAMED, MEDITS etc.

Indication of the concern and support of this sector from the Albanian Government is the Fishery Developing Project which is in the its preparing faze. This Project supporting from the Word Bank, through its components has the aim to establish and strength the Fishing Regional Associations with the goal the improvement of the Marketing of fish products, to input a new techniques for a responsible fishing, aquaculture developing and fish ports management.
The further strengthening of this sector will drive on the improvement of little fishermen's lives level and increasing of their incomes to make possible the reduction of the poverty level.
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Mr. Roland Kristo
Fishery Directorate
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Tel/Fax: 00 355 4 228621