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Research Centres

Related to Agriculture

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

  • Agrarian Scientific Center
  • Scientific Reseach Institute of Vegetable Production
  • Scientific Production Association "ELITE" (RI of Crop Husbandry)
  • Livestock Research Institute named after F. Melikova
  • Research Institute of Cotton Growing
  • Research Institute of Vegetable Production
  • Research Institute of Horticulture and Subtropical Crops named after Acad. A. Radjabli
  • Research Institute of Viticulture and Wine Making
  • Research Institute of Sericulture named after R. Guseinov
  • Research Institute of Feed, Meadows and Pastures
  • Research Institute of Plant Protection
  • Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture
  • Research Institute of Economics and Organization of Agriculture
  • Azerbaijan State Agricultural University
  • Scientific Production Center "Erosion and Irrigation"
  • Scientific Production Association "Araz"
  • Research Institute of Genetic Resources
  • Research Institute of Bioresources of national Academy
  • Agrobusiness Association
  • Secretary of Competitive Grants
  • Institute of Botany
  • Agency on Agricultural Development Support

Biological and Chemical Sciences

Institute of Botany
Institute of Zoology
Institute of Genetic Resources
Institute of Physiology named after A.I. Karaev
Institute of Soil Elm and Agro Chemistry
Institute of Microbiology
The Central Botanical Garden
Mardakan Arboretum

Department of Earth Sciences

Institute of Geology
Institute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev