Armenia to join the Regional Fishery Information Network

The objective of the (FIN) is to support and satisfy the increasing demand for prompt finding professional information about the fishery and aquaculture sector and its stakeholders both nationally and internationally in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The national interest of having and maintaining a central internet portal of the fishery and aquaculture sector is triple;

1) to present a concise overview of the sector,

2) publish information on legal regulations regarding marketing fishery products abroad (European Union, etc)

3) to facilitate easy access to, and communicate between, the registered sector stakeholders, and

4) to provide free of charge internet presence of interested organizations, institutes, enterprises and professionals.

The methodology and a model pilot node (Hungary) for FIN of CEE had been elaborated during 2010. A multilingual search system of the sector stakeholders was also developed.

Based on the professional background it was proposed that Armenia should also join the network, apply the methodology and provide case study for other countries.

Reconstruction and update of the website of the Armenian fishery sector on the AgroWeb Network and its integration into the Regional Fishery Stakeholders’ Information Network created under the AgroWeb CEE Platform (with a Armenian Fishery Sector’s Website as a Pilot Node) could help to bridge the information and communication gap, create opportunities for networking and partnership at the local, regional and international levels, facilitate dialogue between different stakeholders, etc.

In order to serve the outlined objectives and make the CEE national portals of the fishery and aquaculture sector useful, they should be published both in Armenian, Russian and English.

It is recommended to have four main sections of the national portal: “Home”, “The sector”, “Stakeholders” (finding business and cooperating partners), “Links”. The search system is to be designed to find the stakeholders by “Country”, “Region within the countries”, “Preferred language of communication”, “Name of the organization, professional or the leader/contact person of the organization”, “Main activities”, “Produced (captured and cultures) aquatic species”.

The FIN Armenia project is assisted by two Hungarian experts: Andras Woynarovich and Laszlo Papocsi.

News submitted on 10.12.2010 BY: LASZLO PAPOCSI
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