New website launched for Food Quality&Origin in Europe and Central Asia project

The new webpage contains static content fargments such as Home, Resources, Events and projects, Glossary and abbreviations, Links, Contacts.

There is a query system for so called Country fact sheets where users may search by 53 country, 8 section, 424 (html) fragment records. Queries also available by sections and countries, simple and complex filter.

Project background:

Sustainable rural development is a key contributor to food security and is essential for improving nutrition and life quality. The demand for traditional agricultural and food products is increasing both from the people in the region and from visitors. That is an indicator of consumer’s preferences for authentic and quality food linked to a particular region or country and creates the potential for development of niche markets for promoting rural economy, increasing farmers’ income and creating opportunities to maintain the population in less favored or remote areas.

With the multiple aim to provide guidance for the development and implementation of new origin-based quality schemes, such as geographical indications, to promote and support the production and preservation of traditional agricultural and food products, to contribute to rural development and to diversify the available food, FAO launched in 2007 the Programme on Quality Linked to Geographical Origin (

News submitted on 29.06.2010 BY: LASZLO PAPOCSI
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