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Forestry network in the Kyrgyz Republic


Centre for Research and Scientific Cooperation of Universities of Shanghai Organisation Cooperation

Leader: Dr. Ass. Prof. Orozumbekov Almazbek.

Phone: +996-312-545215

fax: +996-312-540545

E-mail: almaz10(at)

Web site:



Forest contacts


National Centre of development of mountain village of Kyrgyz Republic, International Institute of Mountain

Director: Academician, Professor Toktoraliev Bimyrza.

Phone: +996-312-454086

E-mail: toktoraliev(at)

Web site:




State Agency of Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of Kyrgyz Republic

Director: Sabir Atadzhanov.

Phone: +996-312-352727

fax: +996-312-352727

E-mail: min-eco(at)

Web site:



Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Dr. Gillian Allard

Forestry Officer (Forest Protection and Health)


Phone: +390657053373

E-mail: gillian.allard(at)

Web site: www.



International Union of Forest Research Organisations

The Global Network for Forest Science Cooperation


IUFRO Headquarters

Hauptstrasse 7

A-1140 Vienna-Hadersdorf, Austria

Phone: +43-1-877-0151 ext. 22; Fax: +43-1-877-0151-50;




Botanical Garden after name E.Gareeva National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic

Director: Dr. Ass. Prof. Kuluev Arstanbek.

Phone: +996-312-517355

fax: +996-312-517355

E-mail: gareev100(at)




Forest Institute of National academy of sciences of Kyrgyz Republic

Director: Academician, Professor Turdukulov Eshaly.

Phone: +996-312-679082


E-mail: institute(at)




Kyrgyz Forest and Land users Associations

General director: Burhanov Aytkul

Phone: +996-312-93-93-74, +996-555-704878

E-mail: aburhanov(at)

Web site:



Nature Conservation Unit of Germany (NABU)

Director: Tolkunbek Asykulov

Phone: +996-312-372629

E-mail: tolkun20(at)



Norwegian Forestry Group in Central Asia

Project coordinator: Dr. Kamel Chorfi

Phone: +996-312-93-93-74

Fax: +996-312-93-93-74

E-mail: chorfi_kamel(at)

Web site:



Institute of walnut and fruit crops of South branch of National Academy of Sciences

Director: Dr. Junusov Nurdin

Phone: +996-(3722) - 52600

Fax: +996-(3722) - 54720



Osh Technological University

Director of Institute of Ecology: Dr. Aibek Attokurov

Phone: +996-3222-52907

Fax: +996-3222-52907



Web site:



Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Kyrgyzstan Programme Officer - Ms. Jarkyn Samanchina

Phone: +996-0557-55-72-77

E-mail: Jarkyn.Samanchina(at)

Web site: