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Curriculum Vitae: Yrysbek Abdurasulov

Yriskek AbdurasulovPersonal Data:

First Name: Yrysbek

Last Name: Abdurasulov

Birth Date: 03.07.1950

Nationality: Kyrgyz

Phone: 0312 54-52-15 work;
0312 51-21-98  - home

(0543) 22-28-38 (mobile)

E-mail: abdurasulov47(at)






Occupation and work place:

Professor, Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, Faculty of social and natural sciences;  Senior expert of «Innovative technologies in agriculture» Center at Faculty of innovative technologies.

Scientific degree: Doctor of agricultural sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Kazakhstan (1998)

Academic status: Professor of biology (2001)



1992  - Farm management. MSc, Kyrgyz Kyrgyz National Agricultural University,
2005 -  ILO; diploma of expertise on International state purchases.

Professional experience:
2007 to present:  Professor, Kyrgyz National Agricultural University, Faculty of social and natural sciences;  Senior expert of «Innovative technologies in agriculture» Center at Faculty of innovative technologies;

2001-2007 - deputy director of International Institute of Mountains;

1996-2001 - vice-president of the Kyrgyz Agricultural Academy;

1992-1996 - deputy director general NGO in KG on animal industries of Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan and deputy director on science of Kyrgyz Veterinary and Pasture Department;

1981-1991 -  assistant, senior teacher, senior lecturer of Kyrgyz Agricultural University;

1975-1981 - scientific worker, Academy of Sciences,  Kyrgyzstan;

1973-1975 - post-graduate student of Kyrgyz Agricultural University;

1972-1973 - engineer in collective farm;

1967-1972 - student,  in Kyrgyz Agricultural University.


Areas of scientific research: 

animal genetics, biotechnology, genetic resources, ecology, computer training programs, databases of genetic resources and others.


Experiences in scientific projects:

Supervising studies of the project: «Working out of the training computer program on genetics and biotechnology»; executive of the project «Creation of an electronic database of genetic resources of Kyrgyzstan», project leader «Management of animal industries» in the Swiss scientific project "North-south" and others.


Participation in monitoring of projects development and implementation:

1.Coordinator of information component on project for agro biodiversity (funded by Christensen    Foundation, USA; 2010 to present);
2. Preservation of the environment of Kyrgyzstan; 2010-2012. (joint project from the Peoples Republic of China in the area of SHOC, 2009-2010);
3. Development of sheep breeding in Kyrgyzstan; 1996-2001, World Bank project (Head of project development group, member of the Governmental commission on project monitoring);
4. Institutional development of local communities in high-mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan and reduction of poverty; FAO of the United Nations project, 2005-2007, as National co-coordinator;
5. Creation of electronic database of genetic resources of Kyrgyzstan (by КAU and MoE KR, besides is presented to EU);
5. Training of genetics and biotechnology at universities of Kyrgyzstan (it is presented to EU);
6. Preservation of environment in Kyrgyzstan (has 8 subcomponents, the project is approved and in 2010. Project development in the area of SHOC to start;
7. In a complex-rational use of land and water resources of Kyrgyzstan and the countries of Central Asia; 2007-2017. ADB (three components on training, rendering of consulting services and scientific research are developed);
8. «Knowledge - to village» World Bank project (2002) 


Participation in legal, state strategy and other high level documents:

1. Bill of KR «About science and innovation» (2006-2008);
2. Government program on biotechnology of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 2006-2015 (2006.);
3. Law of KR «About mountainous territories» (2002);
4. The Central-Asian mountain charter (2002) ;
5. Law of KR «About traditional knowledge and genetic resources» (2004-2007);
6. Law of KR «About a science and the scientific and technical policy» (1994, 1999);
7. Law of KR «About animal industries» (1993);
8. State scientific and technical program of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic for the period 1996-2015;
9. State strategy of development of agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 1998-2015.;
10. State strategy of development of sheep breeding of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 2000-2010 and others.



published 120 scientific, methodical and publicity works, with total amount of 106 citations.


Major publications:

1. Author of  book on new breed of sheep - Kyrgyz mountain merinos (2007);

2. University textbook: «Biometry and new computer technologies», Bishkek, 2001;

3. Monograph: « Ecological bases of selection of sheep Kyrgyz breeds », Bishkek, 1997. – 297p.;

4. Author of the agricultural encyclopedia (in 2 volumes), Frunze, 1990;

5. Monograph:« Genetic-statistical parameters and their use in selection of sheep », Frunze, "Ylym", 1989 - 204 p.;

6. Author of a new factory line of sheep Kyrgyz merino breeds (Ministerial council of the USSR, Moscow, 1981);

7. Author of a new factory line of sheep Kyrgyz mountain merino breeds (Ministerial council of the USSR, Moscow, 1981)


Membership in the organizations and foundations:

Member of Scientific technical council of Ministry of Education and Science KR (since 2001) and the Chairman of advisory council on biological and agrarian sciences of MoE КR (since 2001), FAO expert on genetic resources (since 2004), National adviser of the World Bank in the Regional educational centre on state purchases (since 2003). Expert of the International Association of Scientists (INTAS, Brussels) on genetics, biotechnology and ecology (since 1997), a member of Presidium of the society genetics and selectors of Kyrgyzstan (since 1986) and others.