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09. 06.2011

New Forestry Project has started


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Kosovo organized a launch event for a new project in Forestry Sector. The new project will be implemented by FAO and is financed by the Government of Finland. Finland will contribute to the project with three million Euros during the period of 2010-2013.



On the joint meeting for presentation of the forestry project for "Support on Implementation of Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo" have participated three parties involved on the project; representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Finland as project donor, representatives of FAO regional office for Europe in Budapest as project executing agency and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in Kosovo as project implementing agency


Minister of MAFRD, Mr Blerand Stavileci, said that the project funded by the Government of Finland will assist the implementation of the activities under the first and the third pillar  of the policy and strategy and these will strongly affect the rest of the activities related to the implementation of the final targets arising from this strategy.


Mr Ismo Kolehmainen, Deputy Director of the Unit for EU Enlargement and Western Balkans at Department of Europe,Ministry of Foreign Affair of Finland, which was also representative of the Government of Finland at the meeting, said that the program's main goal is to reduce poverty in accordance with the objectives of the strategy for forestry development Kosovo. "Finland will contribute to this project with a total of 3 million euros, for sustainable use of forests which is one of the key factors in sustainable development of Kosovo's economy and in improving the quality of life, especially in rural and mountain areas" said Mr. Kolehmainen.


Mr Tomazs Lonc, Senior Agriculture Policy Officer, from FAO's Regional Office in Budapest has represented FAO in the launching ceremony. He said that GCP/KOS/005/FIN project aims to support the implementation of the "Strategy and Policy Paper on Forest Sector Development in Kosovo 2010 - 2020" and the project will strengthen institutions governing forests, improve decision-making processes and involve different stakeholders in the development of forestry policies. The results will enhance the investment climate, integrate forestry to national development plans and processes, and thus increase the sector's contribution to the Kosovo economy.


Project brief









  • 5.12.2013:  

    Conference on the Role of Women in Forestry in Kosovo

    Pristina, October 24, 2013

    On October 24, 2013, FAO project on “Support for Implementation of Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo” and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development in Kosovo, have jointly organized a conference on Role of the Women in Forestry Activities in Kosovo. The conference has brought together the gender experts from the FAO Rome and REU Budapest, then forestry experts from FAO REU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland and Kosovo, representatives of the international organizations working in forestry sector in Kosovo, the representatives of forest administrations institutions in Kosovo, local and central level, local environmental NGOs and CBOs, etc.

    The objectives of the conference were to better understand the situation of women in the forest sector in Kosovo – identifying opportunities and obstacles for women to benefit equally from the sector; Promote the role of women in forestry through presenting the environmental, economic and social benefits of women’s inclusion in forestry and to Produce recommendations on actions towards achieving gender equality in the forest sector in Kosovo.



  • 15.04.2011:  

    From 12 to 15 April 2011 in Budapest, Hungary at FAO regional office for Europe is held Regional Workshop on Thematic Knowledge Networks   in the framework of "Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development" (CIARD) 

    Mr Naser Krasniqi, FAO focal point for Pristina office and Agroweb focal point for Kosovo has participated on this Regional Workshop.

    On the workshop is discussed about developing country Agroweb portals, introducing new thematic aproaches and importance of the information sharing for promoting agriculture activites in the region.  



News in Kosovo

  • 19.04.2011:  

    Since December 2009, through support of Netherland Organizations for Development SNV in Kosovo are established 10 private forest owner associations at municipal level, in the regions of Peja, Prizren and Ferizaj.
    Considering the fact that 40 % of forest and forestlands in Kosovo belongs to the private owners, local associations and now establishment of National Association will bring more opportunities for private forest owners to have representation of their interests on various activities for development of forestry, now they will be represented for drafting new law on forest, protection of the interests of 132,000 forest owners, subsidizing forestry activities, ownership rights, forest management activities, etc.