Economics of Land Degradation in Central Asia

About ELD

The Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative is an initiative on the economic benefits of land and land based ecosystems. The initiative highlights the value of sustainable land management and provides a global approach for analysis of the economics of land degradation. It aims to make economics of land degradation an integral part of policy strategies and decision making by increasing the political and public awareness of the costs and benefits of land and land-based ecosystems.



Newsletter#1, Economics of Land Degradation in Central Asia


Responsible coordinators of national working groups:

Regional coordinator: Guchgeldiyev Oleg, tel.:+99365815930, email:

Kazakhstan: Lead economist – Bayzakov Sabit, tel.: +7 7273 93 -32- 37, +7 701 757 76 76, email:

Kyrgyzstan : Lead economist – Sabyrbekov Rahat, tel.:+996 559 077 607, email:,

Tajikistan: Lead economist – Shukurov Rakhmon, tel.:+ 992 372 2402181, +992 93 5605500, email:,

Turkmenistan: Lead economist – Nepesov Murad, tel.: + 993-12 222757, + 993-65 812741, email:

Uzbekistan: Lead economist – Nazarkulov Umidjan, email: