Scope of activities

Scope of activities

The main objective of the Network is to develop a system of cooperation among research institutions from buffalo producing countries of Europe and the Near East with a view to providing scientific and professional support to the buffalo production sector in general and to small subsistence farmers in particular. The Network collects and analyses data on production systems, buffalo reproduction and marketing of buffalo products, and disseminates the information through meetings, workshops and the "Buffalo Newsletter". Short- to medium-term objectives include collection of data on animal genetic diversity, reproduction and the establishment of performance recording systems.

The  Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network on Buffaloes acts his activities operating throught different working groups:

1. Reproduction and Biotechnology - Dr. V.L. Barile (Italy)

2. Livestock Systems - Dr. G.M. Terzano (Italy)

3. Products - Prof. A. Borghese (Italy)

4. Genetic resources - Dr. B. Moioli (Italy)

5. Web Master - Dr. M. Mazzi (Italy)