July 2007

2nd International Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development: Agri-environment and Animal welfare  

November 28. December 1. 2007 Nitra , Slovakia.

June 2007

In June 2007 Farm Animal Welfare Council issued its new "Stockmanship and Farm Animal Welfare Report". The Report highlights stockmanship as the single most important influence on the welfare of farm animals. The Report outlines "Three Essentials of Stockmanship" which provides foundations of sustainable livestock farming.

May 2007


First FAW workshop on further development of the subnetwork organised for national coordinators of farm animal welfare websites.

February 2007

World largest industrial pig producer - Smithfield Foods Inc.has decided to phase out restrictive sow gestation stalls at its all pig farms read here . World Bank about Avian Influenza read here . Music for pigs read here.

January 2007

2nd Welfare Quality® Stakeholder Conference 'Assuring animal welfare: from societal concerns to implementation' 3 - 4 May 2007, Berlin, more.

December 2006

Council of Europe AW Publication  on farm animal welfare

UK AW Implementation Plan issued by DEFRA

Euro AW News. bulletin of Eurogroup

November 2006

Eurogroup for Animals November animal welfare news.

WTO WHO World Bank and FAO advise OIE animal health and welfare fund. Press release.

November 2006

Web link on South Caucasian Workshop on Concepts in Animal Welfare in Tbilisi held on 5th of October 2006

October 2006

FVE-TAIEX Conference on animal welfare. Meeting helps Balkan countries reflect on EU animal welfare challenges.

September 2006

On 5th of October 2006, WSPA will organise South Caucasian Workshop on Concepts in Animal Welfare in Tbilisi. Workshop for Veterinary and Agricultural Academics from the Caucasian region is organised in cooperation with GNAAP and Veterinary faculty of Agriculture University of Georgia.

August 2006


Animal health, animal welfare and biosecurity is the motto of the XIII Inetrnational Congress in Animal Hygiene that will be held in Tartu, Estonia in June 2007.  Also read essay from Joyce D'Silva from CIWF on Adverse impact of industrial animal agriculture on the health and welfare of farmed animals.

July 2006

Welfare Quality ® project is an EU funded project about integration of animal welfare in the food quality chain: from public concern to improved welfare and transparent quality. Please see its 4th newsletter.



New publication on pig welfare available: CIWF Trust has published its new publication -Animal Welfare Aspects of Good Agricultural Practice : Pig Production. Publication is available for free download here .

Downloading the whole GAP pigs book by chapter
Download GAP case studies individually



The Grass-fed revolution
Combining crates with bedded group lactation
Adding fiber to the diet of laying hens reduces ammonia
Veterinary science internet resources for veterinarians 

May 2006


FVE/TAIEX conference on animal welfare and EU legislation in Belgrade. In collaboration with TAIEX, FVE will host a conference on animal welfare in Belgrade on 1-2 September 2006. The conference will focus the areas of animal welfare where the EU has legal competence



May 2006


Avian Influenza, Classical swine fever and Newcastle disease in Europe, EFSA reports on Humane slaughter

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