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January 2010


The fast developing FAO Gateway to Farm Animal Welfare brings animal welfare news from all over the world Please read here 

July 2009

International Dairy Federation (German secretariat) together with FAO and EU organizes an Animal Welfare Conference in Berlin, Germany on September 22nd, 2009. You can read more about the conference, programme and speakers here.

July 2009

Swedish Ministry of Agriculture and the Welfare Quality Project are organizing the Animal Welfare Conference that will be held in Uppsala 8-9 October. The conference title is: Delivering Animal Welfare and Quality:Transparency in the Food Production Chain and you can read more about it here and here.

April 2009

FAO addresses animal welfare implications in the "Capacity buidling to implement good animal welfare practices" report. The exectuvie summary and reccomendations of the report are available to download from Animal Production and Health Division pages of FAO website.

February 2009

February newsletter of Federation of Veterinarians of Europe with information on animal welfare (FAV position on slaughter legislation, ban of the pet fur trade and more..) here.

February 2009

Swedish TV4 documentary has revealed live plucking of geese - practice that causes high level of distress and pain to the geese. See the footage from Hungary on TV 4 website (from 1 min. and 18 seconds). Read statements on that issue.

January 2009

Farm Animal Welfare WebNetwork will be presented as a model example community network of the AgroWeb at the FAO ShareFair that is organised on 20-22 January 2009. Please read more here

December 2008

A new open learning web portal offering variety of training materials related to pig farming, transport, slaughter and many other related issues has been launched by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. For more details please see link.

December 2008

Poor welfare of pigs farmed across Europe revealed by CIWF investigation carried in 5 EU countries. For more details please read the report.


November 2008

WSPA has released Eating our Future report detailing how current factory farming practices in the U.S. and elsewhere contribute to environmental, economic and social problems that threaten life on our planet. The report calls for a shift to humane and sustainable models of production.

October 2008

20-22 October OIE Organizes 2nd global conference on animal welfare - "Putting OIE standards into the work"

The main goal of the Conference is to support the worldwide implementation of OIE standards for sea and land transport of livestock, livestock slaughter for human consumption and killing for disease control. the Conference also aims to raise the profile of animal welfare and to encourage veterinarians and Veterinary Services to take greater responsibility for animal welfare. Please read more.


October 2008

European Commission has adopted a new proposal of the slaughter regulation. It is expected that regulation will be valid from the beginning of 2011. For more information please click here.

September 2008

Undercover investigation of PETA carried out at the pig factory farm supplying one of the largest US food producer reveals extreme cruelty caused to pigs and piglets. Video from undercover investigation is available here.

Europen Commission have issued proposal of a new regulation for protection of animals at the time of killing, which brings many significant animal welfare improvements. Text of proposal is available here.


July 2008


European commission launched its new campaign to promote organic farming in the EU. A new multilingual website to promote organic production is available here..

June 2008

New UK Farm Animal Welfare Council report on the Implications of Castration and Tail Docking for the Welfare of Lambs 

Please read EU related news on welfare of farm animals in this month.

May 2008

Welfare Quality on the move, reducing lameness in dairy cows, assessment systems tested on farms, preventing social stress among cattle in feed bunks and more.

April 2008

Slaughter of pigs in Romania, Classical Swine fever outbreak in Slovakia, Free range chicken farming does not increase risk of Campylobacter sp.  infection of chicken and consumers and more... 

March 2008

Newsletter of Federation of Veterinarians of Europe with information on Animal Health and Animal Welfare..

February 2008


Joint East and West ISAE Meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia , May 15-17, 2008. The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss ongoing research in the field of applied ethology and animal welfare.

February 2008


Brolier chicken research. - fast growing broilers have difficulties to walk. Approach of various stakeholders and retailers to broiler farming differs.  Please see CIWF video about current intensive methods of broiler farming.

November 2007



No smacking, no prodding. Britain 's most enlightened farms are revolutionising the way farm animals are raised. And the reason? Contented cattle produce better quality products. Read more from Alex Renton on happy cows and good farming.

August 2007



Various EU related animal welfare and animal helath news here in the Eurobulletin of Eurogroup for Animals. Maltese Green party seeks help in the drafting of their animal welfare policy. Problems with EU live long distance transport of piglets.


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