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Project Organic Agriculture
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General Principle

Organic agriculture develops a viable and sustainable agro-ecosystem, by working compatibly with natural

living systems and cycles .


For optimum sustainability of an agro-ecosystem, all activities including crop production, animal

husbandry and general environmental maintenance should be organized such that all the elements of the

farm activities interact positively. Practical farming skills, based on knowledge, observation and

experience are therefore important for organic growers. Careful practice based on skill and knowledge

often avoids the requirement for synthetic inputs, and reduces reliance on inputs.

Conversion may be accomplished over a period of time. A farm may be converted by gradual introduction of organic practices over the whole farm, or by application of organic principles to only a portion of the operation at first .

There should be a clear plan of how to proceed with the conversion. This plan should be updated as necessary and cover all aspects relevant

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