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This volume, as the seventh of the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World, deals with the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAPs) treasures of the so-called Southern Cone, the three southernmost countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) of South America.

Similarly to the previous volumes of the series, the main focus is to collect and provide information on major aspects of botany, traditional usage, chemistry, production / collection practices, trade and utilization of this specific group of plants.

The contributors, who are recognized professionals and specialist of the domain, have collected and present state of the art information on 41 species. Most of these are not only of interest from the scientific point of view, but hold also a potential for the prospective utilization of the decreasing, occasionally overexploited / endangered medicinal plant resources of this huge continent.

The book is expected to serve as a source of information also on some less known or less studied species. As such the volume is expected to support future research and public health professionals.






Proposals for Chapter contributions are INVITED and welcome at:

Enhancement of MAPs in Turkey
21.11.2015 Age: 7 yrs
The Project “Enhancement of Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Turkey”, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey [more]

By: Muminjanov and Sogut 21-11-15 01:24
Category: MAP news, MAP events worldwide

IV International scientific and practical conference "Medicinal Herbs: from Past Experience to New Technologies"
27.03.2015 Age: 7 yrs
Poltava State Agrarian Academy invites students, graduate students, young scientists and university professors, members of scientific institutions and agencies to participate in the IV International scientific and practical conference "Medicinal Herbs: from Past Experience to New Technologies" whic... [more]

27-03-15 08:56
Category: MAP events, MAP events worldwide
FairWild @BioFach
2.02.2015 Age: 7 yrs
This year we'll be focusing on approaches to implementing the FairWild Standard in practice, with speakers from the FairWild Foundation, Organic Herb Trading Company, plus a variety of discussants giving their perspectives on the topic. Please see the attached invitation for more details. [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 02-02-15 11:00
Category: MAP news, MAP events worldwide

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