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Photos: Prof. Dr. Tkatchenko, K., St. Petersburg (Ru)

10.02.2017 Age: 2 yrs
Hungarian partner requests price quotations for Cuttings/Seed [more]

By: Máthé Ákos 10-02-17 08:12
Category: MAP news, MAP Members news
Book Review and Download ***MAP cultivation in Finnland***
9.02.2017 Age: 2 yrs
Just published and available in Finnish language [more]

By: Galambosi, B. 09-02-17 06:26
Category: MAP news, MAP Members news

***NEW PUBLICATION*** Proceedings of 5th International Conference on MAPs, Poltava, Ukraine
1.02.2017 Age: 2 yrs
Proceedings just published and available for download [more]

By: Pospelov, S. 01-02-17 08:03
Category: MAP news, Publications, Proceedings and books

Buying crude drugs
23.01.2017 Age: 2 yrs
Hungarian company buying crude drugs [more]

By: Máthé Á. 23-01-17 14:52
Category: MAP news
***Deadline for abstract submission extended*** - MESMAP-3
19.01.2017 Age: 2 yrs
MESMAP-3, April 13-16, 2017., Girne (Kyrenia), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) [more]

By: Nazim SEKEROGLU 19-01-17 00:52
Category: MAP news, MAP events worldwide

NEW PUBLICATION - Fireweed, roseroot, Bergenia and chokeberry. Natural resources and bioeconomy studies
5.01.2017 Age: 2 yrs
Results of the project ”Special crop education for economic development in North-West Russia and South-East Finland SPECICROP”. [more]

By: Galambosi, B. 05-01-17 22:56
Category: MAP Members news
In Memoriam - Klaus Dürbeck
23.12.2016 Age: 2 yrs
In Memoriam: Klaus Dürbeck (1956- 2016) [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 23-12-16 11:04
Category: MAP news

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