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Photos: Drs. Tkatchenko, K., and Kirakosian, G., St. Petersburg (Ru) and Dr. Máthé, Á. Budapest (HU)

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World Vol. 1
16.10.2015 Age: 5 yrs
Vol. 1. of the Springer monograph series MAPWs just published Editor: Máthé Ákos Introductory volume in the series of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World Scientific information on MAPs Series is a storehouse of up-to-date information on our global wealth of medicinal and aromatic pl... [more]

By: Mathe 16-10-15 17:33
Category: MAP news

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World

FairWild @BioFach
2.02.2015 Age: 6 yrs
This year we'll be focusing on approaches to implementing the FairWild Standard in practice, with speakers from the FairWild Foundation, Organic Herb Trading Company, plus a variety of discussants giving their perspectives on the topic. Please see the attached invitation for more details. [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 02-02-15 11:00
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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants as Factories of Natural Substances (copy 1)
31.10.2014 Age: 6 yrs
The International Society for Horticultural Science held its 29th Congress in Brisbane, Australia ( Within the congress a special session dealt with MAPs "Plants as Factories of Natural Substances, Edible and Essential Oils" ( Proceedings of... [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 31-10-14 00:44
Category: MAP news

Plants as Factories of Natural Substances, Edible and Essential Oils

“PETER THE GREAT” Botanical Garden celebrates 300 years
6.06.2014 Age: 6 yrs
The Apothecary's Garden, the Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden, Imperial Botanical Garden or the Peter the Great Botanical Garden also known as the Botanic Gardens of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. [more]

06-06-14 22:17
Category: MAP Members news, MAP news

Closing Event of the Project Traditional and Wild
15.04.2014 Age: 6 yrs
The successful three year project (2011. – 2014.) was concluded by a closing event, in Budapest, a conference, with presentations of both external experts and project partners. The program also included questions and answers, exhibition on wild growing plants and activities of the consortium, film p... [more]

15-04-14 12:00
Category: MAP news, MAP Members news

Photos: Prof. Dr. Tkatchenko, K., St. Petersburg (Ru)
1.01.1970 Age: 51 yrs

01-01-70 01:00
Category: MAP news

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