IUFRO Division 5 Conference June 12 - 16, 2017. Vancouver, British Columbia

Medicinal Plants and Human Health: Quantifying the Linkages
24.10.2016 14:41
Category: MAP news

Medicinal plants are commonly assumed to be crucial for the health care of millions of people. However, little research has been done to quantify the reliance on medicinal plants and its determinants. Is poverty linked with medicinal plant consumption? Is it more prevalent in rural and remote areas of the global south where access to allopathic medicine is inadequate? This session will explore the state of knowledge on the degree of reliance of people around the world on medicinal plants. Moreover, it will shed light on the reasons motivating the consumption of medicinal plants, as well as on the characteristics of their consumers.

Organizer: Prof. Carsten Smith-Hall (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Co-organizer: Dr. Mariève Pouliot (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)


Web: www.iufrodiv5-2017.ca/submissions/technical-special-sessions/


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