Founding General Assembly of the NACEE Association, Szarvas, Hungary
2.12.2010 01:00
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The Founding General Assembly of the new NACEE Association was held in Szarvas, Hungary, on 2-3 December 2010. This meeting was a result of the lengthy preparatory work started in 2009 in Torun, Poland, where the Board of Directors of NACEE entitled the Coordinating Institution to proceed towards the transformation of NACEE into a registered international NGO. The authorized representatives of 11 member institutions, chosen from among the most experienced and active NACEE members during the Tyumen Meeting in 2010, as well as 6 individual members, declared the dissolution of the old NACEE and the establishment of the new association, elected its officers and requested the newly elected Executive Board to submit the necessary documents to court for registration. It was decided that immediately after the registration all former NACEE members would be invited to renew their membership in the new association.

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