Mission Statement

To Facilitate the R&D sphere in Central-Eastern Europe to be an integral part of the European Research Area.


  • Exchange of information among members (within the region).
  • Facilitate the transfer of information relevant to aquaculture development of the region.
  • Exchange of scientists with special regard to young ones.
  • Initiate joint research and training programs.
  • Facilitate efforts aiming at the better involvement of CEE institutions in European-level aquaculture development programs.
  • Assist the organisation of regional aquaculture meetings and conferences.
  • Facilitate the improvement of partnership between science and practice, with special regard to SMEs and producers associations.
  • Enhance the capacity of CEE institutions to be able to initiate and run regional aquaculture development projects supported by the EU, FAO and other international organisations.
  • Development collaboration between the "Network" and other regional networks/organisations with special regard to NACA (Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific).

Members Contacts