Capacity Development Network in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe, CAPNUTRA

CAPNUTRA - Capacity Development Network in Nutrition for West Balkan and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countires is an network actively involved into capacity development in food & nutrition, training and dissemination for CEE/West Balkan region, organization of nutritional trainings, stakeholder engagements and knowledge transfer. This network is consist of members from 11 WB and CEE countries and is in tight cooperation with other European and international similar associations, sharing scientific information on food, health and related nutritional challenges. 

CAPNUTRA activities are in the field of specific capacity development activities from identification of needs and gaps in nutritional knowledge to organising different workshops and trainings. The main expertises are in the field of food composition research, nutrients, food & nutrition, development of nutritional tools and technology transfer. Also, CAPNUTRA is involved in grey literature reviewing specific for data collection for WB and CEE countries.  

CAPNUTRA has been involved in trainings and dissemination specific for WB/CEE countries under several EC FP6/7 NoE projects: EuroFIR, EURRECA and EuroFIR Nexus. One of the activitiy of CAPNUTRA was involvement in identification/ mapping the status quo of the food composition data base, dietary intake research infrastructure and the prioritization of the training needs in CEE/Balkan countries.   

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