Capacity Buiding



  • Obesity prevention
    • Implement the European Charter on counteracting obesity (national action).
    • Plan for action for prevention of obesity ? promotion of healthy diet and physical diets (national action).
  • Nutrition and lifestyle epidemiology and other EURRECCA related items
    • Standardisation methodology measurement of nutrition status and dietary intake assessment.
    • Training in nutritional epidemiology (several courses are available; some of these could be used to make a special edition as done for EuroFIR with the so-called Food Comp course).
    • More attention to be given to the improvement of the nutritional status of minority groups.
  • Possible FP7 Proposal
    • Prevention of obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in children, Mirjana Pavlovic
    • Med Res In SE ?Medical Research Initiative South East Europe -Towards FP7 
  • EuroFIR ? Food composition data
  • Child growth standards




  • NCDN Network is putting the accent to national portals. Example for Food and Nutrition portal: AgroWeb Hungary Food and Nutrition
  • Web-page for NCDN-CEE countries for sharing information
  • NCDN is assisting the institutional web site development



  • EuroFIR, valid for Serbia (realised), other CEE-countries that realized this are Latvia and Lithuania.
  • EURRECCA (formerly called Harmony), also realized for 3 CEE-countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia) and by the Network itself.
  • NuGO, plan 2 day meeting with help of Jagiellonian University of Krakow, no action taken so far.
  • DIETS, realized by several network countries and by the network itself!
  • Increase participation in existing post graduate courses
  • Initiate specific tailor made editions for CE Europe of existing courses as already done by EuroFIR for FoodComp.           
  • 7th Framework of the European Commission
    • The initial plan to submit a Socrates proposal with the network has to be revised as the Socrates programme as such stops.
    • New possibilities under FP7 and then specifically the Pillar ?People?, could result in a separate proposal precisely tuned to the needs in CEE countries or in participation in a broader range of proposals with a mix of West and Central-Eastern European research groups.
  • Development of more generic skills: European Nutrition leadership programme (ENLP).
  • Overall promotion of nutrition
    • Several network members are involved in activities such as World Food Day, World Heart Day, etc. Those interested in involving famous people in the promotion of nutrition can use the mechanism and experience of FAO, in particular the Telefood.
    • Increase involvement with industry
    • Industry is often key in the production of healthier foods (low fat, law salt, fortification, etc). Fré Pepping will contact ILSI and European Technology Platform (ETP) - Food for life.