Adrian Berisha

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- Experience in analytical chemistry, biological chemistry, physical chemistry, materials science chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical tests, sampling, chemical results presentation and analysis, development of standards, health and safety measures, HPLC, GC, GC-MASS, Photocolorimetry, Chemiluminescence, NMR, CD spectra, Fluorometric assessment, HPLC-Fluorescence, TLC, Column purifications and separations, extractions, libra nose and other chemical methods, review of protocols and reports;
- Deep knowledge of HACCP, biochemistry and health related subjects such as nutrition and diet, human anatomy and physiology, chemical laboratory procedures;
- Highly proficient (reading, writing and speaking) in English, Japanese, German, Italian and Albanian. High level of English writing, reading and speaking), capable of using the written materials, including graphs, charts and displays;
- Skilled in usage of Windows: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Aldus Superpaint, Lotus 1. 2. 3, Cricket, Chemical Draw, Word Perfect e etc.;



Senior Lecturer 01. September. 2001 ~ Present
Tirana University of Agriculture, Agrofood Department, Albania

Disciplines: Human Alimentary Science, Food Chemistry, Quality Assurance in Food Technology, Food Packaging.
- Co author for the published lessons in Human Alimentary Science, Quality Assurance in the Food Technology, Food Chemistry, Food Packaging, Food Additives, Flavor Chemistry;
- Teaching those subjects to graduate and undergraduate students;
- Preparation and deliver lecturers and conduct laboratory sessions or discussion groups;
- Preparation, administration, and assessment of exams, laboratory assignment and reports;
- Advise students on course and academic matters and career decisions.

Chemist Engineer: 12. 01. 1993 ~ 30. 10. 1994; 15. 11. 2000 ~ 15. 08. 2001
Ministry of the Agriculture, Lezhe, Albania
Laboratory of Food and Fertilizers. Agricultural Directory. Lezhe. Albania

- Chemical Analysis of Foods and Fertilizers According to the ?Albanian Standards Desk?;
- Check whether those items are in accordance with the accepted organoleptic, nutritional and chemical standards;
- Chemical quality evaluation of the imported foods to set their custom taxes.



Researcher: 24. 11. 2005 ~ 15. 02. 2006
Universitá degli Studi di Firenze, The Department of Zootechnical Sciences, Florenze, Italy

Training Course: 23. 09 ? 08. 19. 2005
Application of Biotechnology. Cochran Fellowship Program. Organized from The United States Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University & Missouri State University, United States of America.

Training Course: 13. 01 ? 10. 03. 2004
Food Security in Mediterranean Countries. Organized from Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FAO, Florence Agricultural University & Instituto Agronomico per l`Oltremare. Florence, Italy

Researcher, MSC & PHD Course: 01.04. 1995 ? 30. 10. 2000
Laboratory of Food and Chemical Reactions. Tohoku University. Sendai. Japan.
Major: Food Chemistry

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering: 01. 09. 1986 ? 28. 02. 1992
University of Tirana. Tirana. Albania. Major: Chemical Engineering.



BERISHA Adrian, YASUSHI Endo and FUJIMOTO Kenshiro. The effects of heating temperature on the prooxidant and the lipid hydroperoxide-decomposition activity of myoglobin. Food Science and Technology Research 6 (4), 257 ? 262. 2000
BERISHA Adrian, YASUSHI Endo and FUJIMOTO Kenshiro. Role of the temperature in the flavor reversion in meat. Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Revista Shqiptare e Shkencave Bujqësore). 1. 34-39. 2002
BERISHA Adrian, YASUSHI Endo and FUJIMOTO Kenshiro. The reflection of the heat-induced structural changes on the prooxidant activity of the heat-denatured myoglobin. Italian Journal of Food Science 15 / 1. 1-10. 2003
BERISHA Adrian, BADER Estelle, DELIGIA Chiara, CLAUDE Dop Marie (Nutrition Officer; Nutrition Planning Assessment and Evaluation Service; FAO. Nutrition Country Profile for the Republic of Albania. 24. 08 ~ 15. 09. 2005



BERISHA Adrian: Tokyo, Japan, 02. Apr. 1997
The Prooxidant Activity of the Heat ? Denatured Myoglobin Against Lipids in the Food Systems. Organized by the Japanese Food Association.
BERISHA Adrian: Sapporo, Japan, 18. Aug. 1999
The Prooxidant Activity of the Heat ? Denatured Myoglobin Against Lipids in the Food Systems. Organized from the Japanese Food Association.
BERISHA Adrian: Fukuoka, Japan, 04. Oct. 1999
The Prooxidant Activity of the Heat ? Denatured Myoglobin Against Lipids in the Food Systems. Organized from the Japanese Food Association
BERISHA Adrian: Kangnung. South Korea. 02. Aug. 2000
The Effects of the Heat ? Denaturation on Lipid Peroxidation Activity of Myoglobin in Foods.