Starting and development


The ESCORENA Olive Network was established in  1974 and its last Technical Consultation took place in 1997. The activities of the Network were Technical Consultations every four years, Working Groups Meetings in between every two Consultations. and a periodical Bulletin (Olea). The Technical Consultations Working Group meetings have devoted great attention to the exchange of scientific information by means of presenting and discussing papers. Olea reached 24 issues in the 1974-1997  period. A review of the ESCORENA Olive Network activities was  carried out in 2003. In 2004 the 33rd Session of the  ECA  recommended the continuity of the Olive /Network.


Structure and function


Taking into account the reorientation and restructuring of ESCORENA agreed on by the Network Coordinators in the 80’s, the Olive Network decided to establish different Working Groups to facilitate a better division of the work to be done in the future.


At its latest structure the Network consisted of Four Working Groups:

- Genetic Resources and Plant material

- Production Techniques and Productivity

- Plant Protection

- Olive Oil Technology and Quality


A new structure of Working Groups is planned for the reorientation of the Network activities in the following years.


Current members of Olive Network


The Olive network is open to any research institute, university or producer association in the field of olive.

A complete database including countries, institutions, people and activities will be implemented in the near future and update continuously on the web.



Members Contacts