The purpose of the Network is the establishment of a permanent forum for interchange scientific and technical information among people involved in these activities at different levels (research, transfer of technology and olive and olive oil production and distribution).



Four main activities have been tried since the last Session held in 2004:


1) a close relation with AARINENA Olive Network to ensure transfer of technology from ESCORENA to AARINENA countries.

2) Reinitiate the publication of Olea as an essential tool for communication among scientists, technicians and olive growers and industrials of both Networks. During 2006 and 2007 two Issues of Olea (25 and 26) have been published and distributed to more than 360 readers of 20 countries. 

3) To promote applications of joint R+D projects by participants of different countries to international funding agencies. Two applications to the Cost Actions (2005 and 2006) to fund an specific Project on Genetic Resources and Breeding did not succeed.


4) In 2009 with the financial support of FAO REU and technical support of FAO HQ, a new server has been set up in Rome to serve as common technical background for the AgroWeb CEE Network, ESCORENA and the Thematic Knowledge Networks operational in the framework of ESCORENA in the region, including the ESCORENA Olive Network.


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