Transnational Beans Day, Kozard


Location: Palóc Cultural Gallery, 24. Fő út/Main Str. Kozard, Hungary

Date: Saturday, 14 January 2017




International Year of Pulses - Global Dialogue


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is organizing a Global Dialogue (GD) on the International Year of Pulses 2016 at its headquarters in Rome, Italy from 22 to 23 November 2016. The GD will provide a forum for various stakeholders in the pulses sector, to discuss the issues and the challenges related to the production, consumption and trade of pulses. It will also generate a set of recommendations for concrete action and follow-up beyond 2016. Read more...


Location: FAO headquartersRome, Italy

Date: 22 to 23 November 2016




National meeting on the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development  read more...







First International Conference. Pulses: Focusing on Maximum Efficiency

The conference will be an effective discussion platform, which will bring together the Government, Farmers and Trade Company, the elite of the Agrarian Science as well as representatives of international organizations, the leading domestic and foreign crop framing institutions, experts [...]
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Yaroslaviv Val street 22, 01054 Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 17th November 2016

The Pulses Festival

On World Food Day, pulses take the leading role at a festival dedicated to food security, health, nutrition and sustainability of food resources. With activities for all ages, exhibitors, cooking workshops, demonstrations and entertainment, this festival will be a celebration [read more...]

Location: National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Date:16 October 2016


The International Year of Pulses (IYP) Regional Dialogue for Europe and Central Asia

The IYP Regional Dialogue for Europe and Central Asia will take place at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy on 12 and 13 October 2016, under the title: “Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”. The two-day facilitated event will bring together [read more...]


Location: La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Date: 12-13 October 2016


Second conference of the International Legumes Society

The conference will address the following themes: Legume Quality and Nutrition; Farming Systems/Agronomy; Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses and Breeding; Legume Genetic Resources; and New “Omics” Resources for Legumes. [read more...]

Location: Troia, Portugal

Date: 11-14 October 2016


International Agrarian Forum AGROPORT-2016 - East

Forum AGROPORT-2016 is an international platform for interdisciplinary exchange of experience in dealing with global problems related to sustainable food production.  Forum would focus the public attention on the contribution of pulses to ensure food security at all levels, the [read more...]

Location: International airport "Kharkiv", Kharkiv, Ukraine (East part), Ukraine

Date: 20-22 October 2016