Sunflower Research Network is a part of the ESCORENA system (European System of Cooperative Research Network in Agriculture). As a part of ESCORENA system we use official name argeed by FAO REU, Budapest - Sunflower Research Network.


The Network was established in 1975 at the technical consultation held in Bucharest, Romania, The first coordinator of the Network was professor Dragan Skoric. The last technical consultation meeting was held in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia.


The aims of the Network: 

1) To promote the voluntary exchange of information and experimental data, and facilitate voluntary exchange of experts, germplasm and technologies.
2)  To establish close links between researchers and institutions working on the same subject to stimulate interaction and accelerate the transfer of technology advances to all members.
3) To encourage and assist the submitting of joint research projects applications by participants of different countries to the international funding agencies.


We welcome all interested researchers and groups in ESCORENA.