FAO in Kosovo

In Kosovo since: July 1999

FAO office in Kosovo functions under FAO Regional Offfice for Europe and Central Asia in Budapest.


FAO commenced its emergency response in Kosovo as a help for restoring agricultural and livestock production to pre-conflict levels and at the same time to assist UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) to establish the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development (DAFRD) by providing technical assistance, training and data management systems.

Following the establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, FAO focused its support on the development and implementation of agriculture policy, building the capacity of veterinary and livestock support services, and reducing the dependence on imported staple crop seeds, stimulating the formation and activities of farmer/producers associations, and developing sustainable forest resource management capabilities.

Currently FAO in Kosovo is implementing these projects:  

  • GCP/RER/019/LUX: "Development Assistance to Farmers in Remote Areas of Montenegro and Kosovo – cross-border project". The overall objective is to increase livestock owners’ standards of living and being achieved principally but not exclusively through technical assistance, demonstration and training of farmer-owned and managed groups and associations.
  • GCP/KOS/005/FIN: "Support to Implementation of Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo". The overall objective of the intervention is to increase the contribution of the forest sector to national economy through sustainable use of forest recources, taking into account the multipurpose forestry, including the economic, social and environmental benefits as wel as its contribution to climate change mitigation.
  • TCP/RER/3302: The objective of the TCP facility is to prepare a project document for donor funding, under the working title “Support for the establishment of rural development networks in SEE countries” in order to assist rural development stakeholders at all levels in the SEE region to establish national rural development networks – RDN