WiseFarmer project – Erasmus project 2019-1-HU01-KA204-061083 started in September


The direct aim of the project is to bring the younger and elder farm generations together in a common program for the exchange of knowledge, access to high quality learning opportunity, facilitating support and sustained collaboration for increased competence, from one side in the use of digital tools, from the other side the crucial farming practices based on local knowledge. The primary target group consists of smallholders and family farmers, where personal participation in the agricultural production is inevitable, the current level of skills and qualifications are generally low, both on the elder side - lacking digital skills, and the younger farmers - missing competency and experience in the practice of farming. Elderly farmers have local knowledge that is indispensable in the successful entrepreneurship at the farm level, while younger farmers are more advanced in the use of digital devices, but also lack their specific use in farming, as gaining local “slow” knowledge takes a considerable amount of time. The secondary target group at the local level are farm advisors, who work in the field and provide technical assistance for farmers. Their role will be to facilitate the learning process built around the specific needs and problems of the farmers taking part. The project is to develop innovative learning methodology in several layers. Peer-to-peer learning - as farmers main and most trusted source of information are other farmers - and knowledge co-creation can give the generations an opportunity to learn in pairs, and by doing problem solving oriented exercises, they circumvent existing obstacles mentoring each other, therefore the skills of using digital tools can be successfully transferred in the local context as they are connected and matched with local farmer knowledge.

More info on www.wisefarmer.eu

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