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This volume, as the seventh of the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World, deals with the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAPs) treasures of the so-called Southern Cone, the three southernmost countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) of South America. Similarly to the previous volumes of the series, the main focus is to collect and provide information on major aspects of botany, traditional usage, chemistry, production / collection practices, trade and utilization of this specific group of plants. The contributors, who are recognized professionals and specialist of the domain, have collected and present state of the art information on 41 species. Most of these are not only of interest from the scientific point of view, but hold also a potential for the prospective utilization of the decreasing, occasionally overexploited / endangered medicinal plant resources of this huge continent. The book is expected to serve as a source of information also on some less known or less studied species. As such the volume is expected to support future research and public health professionals.


IN PREPARATION: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the Carpathean Basin.


Propposals for Chapter contributions are welcome at:

HORIZON in Essential Oils - Webinar on occasion of International Day of Essential Oils
1.07.2021 Age: 23 days
Join us on Friday, July 09, at 10:00 a.m. (Madrid time) to meet our speakers and celebrate the International Day of Essential Oils. We invite anyone interested in the subject of Essential Oils to join this event, which will be organized on occasion of the International Day of Essential Oils. T... [more]

By: Mathe, A. 01-07-21 19:45
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12.04.2021 Age: 104 days
by Brinckman, J. In: Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation [more]

By: Mathe, A. 12-04-21 06:20
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Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, 2020.
Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, 2020.

FairWild webinars in March _ What is FairWild?
11.03.2021 Age: 136 days
Date: 30 March at 10am EST / 3pm UK time / 4pm CET [more]

By: MATHE, Akos. 11-03-21 08:01
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Current trends in Essential Oil Research (Az illoolajok kutatasanak aktualis iranyai)
8.03.2021 Age: 139 days
Webinar: in Hungarian Date: 2021-03-18, 13:00 - 16:00 o'clock Organizers: EOHUB - MATE - HAS Subsect. MAPs [more]

By: Mathe, A.-Nemeth E. - Pluhar Zs. 08-03-21 10:13
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Introductory webinar series: NATURAL SUBSTANCES OF PLANT ORIGIN, ESSENTIAL OILS: Production, Processing and Utilization
20.01.2021 Age: 185 days
Introductory webinar series [more]

By: Máthé, Ákos 20-01-21 15:00
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EOHUB Webinar on applications of essential oils from the point of view of the University, research institutions and companies.
17.11.2020 Age: 249 days
Cycle of Conferences EOHUB - Free webinar Registration at: [more]

By: MÁTHÉ, Á. 17-11-20 20:26
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6.10.2020 Age: 291 days
Scientific eSymposium, 20.November 2020. [more]

By: Mathe, Akos 06-10-20 15:31
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