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The Spices & Herbs Global Expo is the first exhibition in Europe entirely dedicated to the world of spices, officinal herbs and aromatic herbs, which will be held at the Rimini Expo Centre during Macfrut from 3 to 5 of May.

Following a sucessful first edition, the Spices & Herbs Global Expo will be a meeting point for professionals such as producers, technicians, researchers, traders and processors in the field of spices and officinal and aromatic herbs, bringing together all the key players in this thriving industry.










Máthé, Ákos and Irfan Ali Khan (editors):

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of India. Vol. 1.

This book is the 8th volume of the popular series ‘Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World’. Like the previous volumes, this volume is being introduced in a monographic format containing an extremely rich and diverse medicinal flora of India. Both well-known and somewhat still ignored species have been described in view of their traditional, present day and prospective uses. The scientific and technological achievements are also included aptly in this volume, together with a careful and critical consideration to our contemporary knowledge of this vast interdisciplinary domain with an Indian focus. In the era of global climate change and pandemics, building on the huge Indian traditions, this volume will make an important contribution to the better knowledge and understanding of MAPs. The Indian flora has always been recognized for its medicinal and aromatic plant values and this volume is explicitly focusing in that direction. With the rapidly expanding scope of natural nutraceuticals and herbal formulations, this book will be a fruitful acquisition for the interested readers globally.


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This volume, as the seventh of the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World, deals with the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAPs) treasures of the so-called Southern Cone, the three southernmost countries (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) of South America.

Similarly to the previous volumes of the series, the main focus is to collect and provide information on major aspects of botany, traditional usage, chemistry, production / collection practices, trade and utilization of this specific group of plants.

The contributors, who are recognized professionals and specialist of the domain, have collected and present state of the art information on 41 species. Most of these are not only of interest from the scientific point of view, but hold also a potential for the prospective utilization of the decreasing, occasionally overexploited / endangered medicinal plant resources of this huge continent.

The book is expected to serve as a source of information also on some less known or less studied species. As such the volume is expected to support future research and public health professionals.






Proposals for Chapter contributions are INVITED and welcome at:

***Deadline for abstract submission extended*** - MESMAP-3
19.01.2017 Age: 7 yrs
MESMAP-3, April 13-16, 2017., Girne (Kyrenia), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) [more]

By: Nazim SEKEROGLU 19-01-17 00:52
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In Memoriam - Klaus Dürbeck
23.12.2016 Age: 7 yrs
In Memoriam: Klaus Dürbeck (1956- 2016) [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 23-12-16 11:04
Category: MAP news
INTRODUCING - Research Institute for Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Budakalász, Hungary
29.11.2016 Age: 7 yrs
Introducing - Research Institute for Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Budakalász, Hungary [more]

By: Thomas-Nyári Zs. 29-11-16 01:55
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NEW - Publications from Ukraine
23.11.2016 Age: 7 yrs
МАТЕРИАЛЫ МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ НАУЧНО-ПРАКТИЧЕСКОЙ ИНТЕРНЕТ-КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ - Proceedings of the International Practical Internet Conferences [more]

By: Pospelov, S. 23-11-16 00:54
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Programme Officer - Medicinal Plants (Vacancy)
9.11.2016 Age: 7 yrs
Vacancy:TRAFFIC - Europe (Hungary), Budapest, Hungary Type of contract: Fixed-term (30 months) Closing date: 20 November 2016 [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 09-11-16 19:33
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Biodiversity Governance for Endemic & Threatened Medicinal Plants in India
8.11.2016 Age: 7 yrs
BioGov: Biodiversity Governance India Initiative [more]

By: Máthé, Á. 08-11-16 22:14
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Medicinal Herbs: from Past Experience to New Technologies
3.11.2016 Age: 7 yrs
V INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "Medicinal Herbs: from Past Experience to New Technologies", 27-28 December 2016 [more]

By: Георгий Киракосян 03-11-16 20:02
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