Practical information

FAO Regional Round Table on Problems of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Place: Budapest - Hungary
Date: 3-5 April 2012  

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The event will take place in the premises of the FAO REU Office in Budapest (Address: Benczur utca 32, 1066 Budapest, Hungary).

  • Participants are accommodated in Hotel Benczur.
  • Support for visa should be requested individually.
  • Please bring your own laptop, network access keys will be given on the spot.

Please send your registration request ASAP regarding your availability and intention to participate at our workshop and register online.

Contact persons:

Avetik Nersisyan

Tel:  +36 1 4612000  E-mail:

Michal Demes

Tel: + 36 1 461 20 26 E-mail:

Geza Gabriel - Workshop Secretariat

Tel: + 36 1 4814 1270

FAO Office Address: Benczur utca 32, 1066 Budapest, Hungary


Workshop location: