8.11.2016 22:14 Age: 8 yrs

Biodiversity Governance for Endemic & Threatened Medicinal Plants in India

Category: MAP news BY: MÁTHÉ, Á. BioGov: Biodiversity Governance India Initiative

"The Plant Kingdom is the only living entity that sacrifices everything for the benefit of others including mankind. Forests – the home of the Plant kingdom works as a store house to supply all the Basic Life Supporting System (BLiSS). Besides tangible and intangible benefit flow, the Plant kingdom also extends subtle blessings and wisdom to the aspirants through their spirit of unending services in silence as monks. Thus, forests as a composition of innumerable plants operate as the ‘Sea of monks’ being panacea to the human beings and other living organisms. These very facts urge for a committed, logical and scientific approach in conserving, managing and expanding our forest resources for the present as well as for the generations to come.


I acknowledge the source of everything that is in this book and accept my indebtedness to that infinite source of strength that exists in all living beings especially in the form of plant kingdom, which pulled me affectionately and instilled all wisdom documented in this book through their selfless service in silence.


I, come from there. . . . ."


Dr Manoj Kumar Sarkar, IFS

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