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Wild plants and you in the time of COVID-19


The Invisible Trade

Wild plants and you in the time of COVID-19



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Anastasiya Timoshyna, Zhang Ke, Yuqi Yang, Xu Ling, Danna Leaman


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June 2020


The report identifies priority actions and recommendations to consumers, businesses, governments, as well as conservation and academic stakeholders.


Since 2008, TRAFFIC has partnered with the FairWild Foundation, to promote the sustainable use of wild ingredients by applying the FairWild Standard throughout the herbal products supply chain. FairWild certification is a guarantee of sustainable wild harvesting, as well as fair and equitable share of resources.


Next week (22nd-26th June) is FairWild week, an annual online event to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable and equitable trade in wild plant ingredients. https://www.fairwild.org/fairwild-week


Taking part will be the FairWild Foundation and TRAFFIC alongside businesses such as Traditional Medicinals, Pukka Herbs and Neal’s Yard Remedies, whose products include several with FairWild certified ingredients, as well as educational and conservation organisations, including the Sustainable Herbs Program of the American Botanical Council, Botanic Gardens Conservation International, WWF, and others.


“Next week is a celebration of wild plants, the FairWild approach, and the tangible benefits that sustainable use brings to impoverished harvesting communities, to businesses responding to the rising consumer demand for sustainably sourced products and for conservation of the wild plants themselves. We hope you will join the FairWild week partners on social media, helping to shed light on this invisible but essential trade, and supporting the calls for action to businesses, governments and consumers,” said Timoshyna.