6.11.2017 16:00 Age: 7 yrs

HERBARTIS: the project material is now available online

Category: MAP news BY: AFTER: MORE, E. AT LINKEDIN The ERASMUS+ project HERBARTIS ended last August and the guidelines and the material collected through the years of the project are now ready.


The output of ERASMUS+ HERBARTIS, the “Guidelines of training methodologies and policy recommendations for qualification recognition of herbal craft’s production”, together with all the training material (on-line course, videos, seminars proceedings, networking conclusions, study visits reports, etc.) are now available on the internet, in the different languages of the project – Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English. This educational tool is freely downloadable at the link:


Web: https://herbartis.wordpress.com/reports.

Links: tps://herbartis.wordpress.com/reports