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Phytopharm 2018, 25. - 27. June 2018., Wädenswil, Switzerland

Category: MAP news, MAP events BY: MÁTHÉ Á. XXII nd International Congress "Phytopharm 2018"  

The comprehensive scientific program covers many important and current aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences and industry with the focus on Phytopharmacy and Natural Product. The following topics will be addressed at the meeting:


Medicinal plant products: Challenges, Safety and Efficacy

Quality control of natural pharmaceutical preparations

Best practices in evidence-based traditional medicines research

TCM herbal medicine research

Systems biology based medicinal plant research

Technology of manufacturing natural medicinal products

Advances in clinical studies of Phytotherapeutics

Regulation of herbal medicinal products and food supplements in Russia, the European Union, China and the USA

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Links: https://www.phytopharm2018.ch/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Flyer_Phytopharm_2018.pdf