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FairWild @BioFach

Category: MAP news, MAP events worldwide BY: MÁTHÉ, Á. This year we'll be focusing on approaches to implementing the FairWild Standard in practice, with speakers from the FairWild Foundation, Organic Herb Trading Company, plus a variety of discussants giving their perspectives on the topic. Please see the attached invitation for more details.

The FairWild Foundation promotes sustainable, fair and value-added management and supply chain development of wild-collected natural ingredients and products
The FairWild Standard and certification scheme guides sustainable harvest and fair trade of wild plant resources.
Find out more at Hall 1-655 – where FairWild Foundation is co-exhibiting with the Institute for Marketecology (IMOswissAG). Please join us for a cup of herbal tea (or coffee)!

Event: Building sustainable sources of wild- collected raw materials: the FairWild
approach Thursday 12th Feb, 16:00 - 17:00 (Krakau, NCC East)

Demand for wild-collected raw materials increases, putting pressure on wild resources. Buyers need to secure access to ingredients. Putting in place sustainable collection systems is vital, but can be complicated in practice. Approaches need to focus on both the wild-resources and the communities that collect them.
This session explores do’s and don’ts other companies and organisations can use when engaging with current or new suppliers with the FairWild Standard and
certification scheme. The session will identify practical ideas and tools on how to work towards conversion to sustainable wild collection efficiently and effectively.
Join us and our guest speakers for a lively discussion!

Meet the FairWild producers

There are a number of suppliers of FairWild-certified ingredients attending BioFach:
Nagy Mihály Medicinal Plant Ltd. Hall 5 / 5-251
Runo Sp. z o.o. Hall 5 / 5-162
Schmidt und Co. Kft Hall 5 / 5-251
And more!

Pick up the latest list of FairWild ingredients from our stand Hall 1-655.

Links: www.ihc2014.org/symposium_42.html