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Horizons in Essential Oils webinar - Video recording available

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Within the Cycle of Conferences organized by the Erasmus+ Project the Webinar “Horizons in Essential Oils” another successful webinar conference was held on July 09, 2021.


The main goal of the webinar was to demonstrate the diversity of EOs, both in terms of the plant species that yield these valuable substances and the multiplicity of opportunities to expoit them.


In this sense, the speakers representing three continents (Europe, Africa and South America) dealt with important EO containing species characteristic of the relevant regions, and in addition, the presentations offered also insight into the multiplicity usage forms of Essential Oils.


Following the words Welcome of project leader Prof. Garcia Rodrigez, J.L., of UPM, Madrid, an Introduction to the Project was offered by project member and moderator of the webinar, Prof. Máthé, Á. (Hungary).


The following 8 Presentations (see: Webinar Program below) offered insights into the various aspects Essential Oil research and utilization: Experiences with EOs and novel trends in veterinary medicine and pet care, EO production in South Africa, Lavandula improvement were followed by a brief introduction into the perspectives of EO application in agronomy and the Role of essential oils in Biocontrol research. The perspectives of industrial research and in essential oils were demonstrated through the activities of the successful multinational company KIMITEC (Spain).


Remarkably the webinar has turned out to be well attended with 120 registered participants.


By uploading the video recording of the webinar, the Organizers wish to yield to the continued large number of requests to gain access to the presentations.


So, we invite anyone interested in the subject of Essential Oils to join the on-line videorecording of this event.


Madrid, 2021-07-09.




Prof. Dr. Máthé Ákos

Moderator - EOHUB member (Hungary)







Links: Part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MTJfQnGF0_tmewMpdguIlj7UxBEr-zn8/view Part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XqPrR6SyLZudP_60Y4sJqg2q14Jkpyp3/view