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SPICES and HERBS, Global Expo 2024.

Category: MAP news, MAP Members news, MAP events, MAP Network events BY: MATHE, A. 8 - 10 May, 2024. Rimini, Italy

HERBS & SPICES, Global Expo

Rimini, Italy

8-10 May, 2024.

Finally! It has been announced that this years' Herbs, Spices, Medicinal Plants Expo will be organized within the framework of the renowned and popular agricultural exhibition Macfrut.

Herbs and Spices Expo will showcase most aspects of MAPs: Growing herbs, field machinery, post-harvest technology, market access, quality, trade and more, just to mention a couple of relevant keywords of this fantastic and promising supply chain.

Similarly to last year, the exhibiton will be organized in partnership with FIPPO, The Italian federation of Herb Growers. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/hashtag/?keywords=spices&highlightedUpdateUrns=urn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A6873946998412718080

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