3.06.2017 03:42 Age: 7 yrs

New version of the IUCN Red List Guidelines now available

Category: MAP news BY: MáTHé, Á. IUCN RED LIST NEWS


The Guidelines for Using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria has recently been updated to version 13 (March 2017) and is now available to download. This version of the guidelines includes new info on:


Quantitative thresholds used in the IUCN Red List Criteria.

Definition of “age” when calculating generation length.

Clarification of issues of scale when estimating area of occupancy (AOO).

The effects of sampling effort and detectability on estimates of AOO.


Red List Guidelines can be downloaded from the version 13 from the Red List website.


Web: iucn-email.org/2GI3-12VDN-7674NJ-L2TOB-1/c.aspx

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