17.11.2020 20:55 Age: 2 yrs

EOHUB Webinar on applications of essential oils from the point of view of the University, research institutions and companies.

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“CYCLE OF CONFERENCES EOHUB - EUROPEAN HUB IN THE FIELD OF ESSENTIAL OILS”, and is going to be held online, via Eventbrite platform.






10:30-10.40. UPM, Spain - Introducing EOHUB Project.

10:40 - 11.00. ARMOSA, Belgium - “Registration of essential oils as insecticide in Europe”

11:00 - 11.20. KIMITEC, Spain - “When innovation meets essential oils: 4 success cases of R&D projects”

11:20 - 11.40. CSIC, Spain - “Essential oils and plant domestication: The future crop protection?”

11:40-12.00. Q&A. Final Remarks



Carlos Calderón - UPM. Moderator

Antoine Trigaux - ARMOSA

Elena Letrado/Juan Valverde - KIMITEC

Azucena González - CSIC



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