11.03.2021 08:01 Age: 3 yrs

FairWild webinars in March _ What is FairWild?

Category: MAP news, MAP events, MAP Network events BY: MATHE, AKOS. Date: 30 March at 10am EST / 3pm UK time / 4pm CET


What is FairWild: a webinar to learn more about the FairWild Standard, certification & labelling

If you recently heard about FairWild for the first time, or perhaps just want a refresher on what FairWild is all about, our latest webinar is for you!


Date: Tuesday 30 March at 10am EST / 3pm UK time / 4pm CET for an introduction to all things FairWild, including:

Who are the FairWild Foundation?

What is the FairWild Standard?

How FairWild certification works

How microenterprises, traders and brands can get involved in FairWild


Registration for the FairWild Introduction seminar: https://bit.ly/what-is-fairwild-webinar-2021

FairWild Link: https://www.fairwild.org/