1. Genetic resources and wild-crafting of MAPs (Chair: Ákos Máthé and Co-chair: Kyrill Tkachenko)

2. Production of MAPs (Chair: Galambosi, B. and Co-chair: Zora Dajic)

3. Quality assurance and processing (Chair: K. Seidler-Lozykowska and Co-chair: Pallos, J.P.)

4. Information and Economics/marketing (Chair: Papocsi, L. and Co-chair: Ahu Cinar)

Working groups in preparation:

5. Education (Chair: Gabriel Adamek, No Gravity, Bratislava)
6. Plant protection (Chair: Alessandra Carrubba, University of Palermo, Italy)

7. Oliva (Chair: Vera Sergeev)



Protection and Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in West Mediterranean Region in Turkey
Contact person:  Hafiz Muminjanov

MAP Network - ECORENA portal development
Contact person:  Michal Demes

Jujube in Europe
Contact person:  Michal Demes