The national portal sites are managed by the hosting organizations which bear full responsibility for the contents of their countries’ AgroWeb portals. Hosting organisations provide space on their servers to publish the national AgroWeb portals.

The relationships of the hosting institutions to the Ministries of Agriculture vary, in some cases the AW national portal is an official site of the Ministry (e.g Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine), in all the others the Ministry simply supports the development of the site in an informal way. This support may take the form of training courses, workshops, or the participation of the AW team members in regional or international events.

Updating and maintenance of the AgroWeb portal pages are managed by national working groups, that consist of the national coordinators and AgroWeb authors on the country level. All national AgroWeb sites are created and updated by local experts, who are known as the AgroWeb authors. The authors’ work is supported by the IT Working Group of AW CEE, which also ensures the quick and efficient updates for all portals within the AW Network. Many of the inputs from the AgroWeb authors are on a voluntary basis.

FAO's role is to facilitate AgroWeb's development by providing advice and support to the national working groups, assisting in the improvement of services in the most important subjects, and working closely with national coordinators and the web editors. The AgroWeb network is also used as a communication platform between the participating countries FAO, IAALD and other international organizations. Special sites have been established for the "National FAO Committee" under the guidance of the National FAO Committees, and linked to the AgroWeb pages.

The costs associated with the participating countries' contributions to the AgroWeb network are borne entirely by the participating countries', projects and on a voluntary basis of participating institutions or experts.

Thematic Networks

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