Dear Members of the AgroWeb Network,

This is our pleasure to commence the collaboration with you in connection with the ongoing review of the FAO approach towards the entire AgroWeb Network. This initiative has been implemented by the regional office for the Europe and Central Asia of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO/REU) jointly with the FAO-HQ/OEKC.

The results of the review will help to improve the knowledge exchange between FAO/REU and the AgroWeb Network in line with the development of a FAO strategy for encouraging knowledge-sharing on the latest data, research findings, and best practices in agriculture and related fields for Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region.

Since the AgroWeb Network, which forms a “Community of Practice”, serves its target groups with agricultural information through the country portals and links individual experts and institutions in the ECA region, we believe that your participation in this review would be of high value for the FAO/REU to identify the current information and knowledge management status of the AgroWeb Network.

We would be grateful for your cooperation for taking the time to answer the short questionnaire by expressing your personal opinion. We are planning the deadline for collecting the questionnaire’s results until 25th October 2013. Please access the questionnaire below.


Please feel free to forward this questionnaire to your colleagues within your professional network/ organisation who may have different field of expertise than yours or to suggest us people you think would be interested to express their opinion. Thank you very much in advance.

For more information regarding this questionnaire or the assessment please contact
Svetlana Livinets (Svetlana.Livinets[at] or Laszlo Gabor (lpapocsi[at]


Respectfully Yours,

Svetlana Livinets, FAO consultant

Laszlo Gabor, FAO consultant


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